Turkey, where modernity meets history

Popularly stated as “a bridge between East and West”, Turkey is one of the key tourist destinations, which showcases a mesmerising mix of history and modernity. Be it exploring stunning mosques, richness of history, the scrumptious food or hot air balloon rides, Turkey is the destination to be on the travel list.

Let’s begin with Istanbul – the most visited city of Turkey. Boasts of beauty, history and culture, it spreads across Europe and Asia on the Bosphorus Strait. When in Istanbul, the must visit place is the historical mosque – The Blue Mosque. Why Blue? Because its interior is made with blue tiles and it has been said that the mosque appears blue during the sunset time due to the light. It is considered as a religious place for worship. Another important tourist spot is Hagia Sophia, a masterwork of Roman engineering, with its massive dome about 102 feet. Topkapi Palace is one of the must-see attractions in Istanbul that combines history and stunning views. Then if you are shopaholic, Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is the place to be where you will find jewellery, carpets, antiques, spices and lots more to take back as souvenirs.

Moving on, luxurious and beautiful is the Dolmabahce Palace, which was built in the 19th century using 14 tonnes of gold leaf. This is Turkey’s most alluring palace blends traditional Ottoman architecture with European style. In search of some beauty, peace and spirituality, is the Suleymaniye Mosque located on the third hill of Istanbul. To experience the Byzantine artworks, visit the Chora Church which is mainly considered as off the beat tourist spot. At 67 m, Galata Tower makes the Istanbul skyline offering panoramic views of the old city and surroundings. It still stands tall over Istanbul today.

Away from the main city of Istanbul, there are many more places to be explored and for different kind of experiences. Cappadocia, located in Central Anatolia, is one of the most visited tourist places from Istanbul. Though the place is known for its fairy chimneys, bronze-age homes; hot air balloon ride is the main reason, for which a tourist visits here. Another place located adjacent to Istanbul is Belgrad Forest, where one can experience nature trails and if you want to experience a Ferry ride, visit Prince Islands which is a cluster of nine islands. Kilyos is a resort town which is known as seaside destination and it is home to beaches and parties. When it comes to taste an authentic Turkish cuisine, Bursa is the place.

And finally comes the most populated city, Antalya which is Turkey’s biggest international sea resort where tourists visit in huge numbers every year. The city has numerous historical sites along with plethora of accommodation options, bars and clubs, museums and lots more. And this makes it a must visit when in Istanbul.

Here we give a glimpse of what all Turkey is about – a perfect mix of modern and old traditions. So if you are ready to experience this beautiful mix, contact GTK Travels for more details on packages and itineraries. We ensure you a lifetime experience of Turkey.