Beer Travelling – Hop on to a cool journey

This year Covid-19 has become curse for many things and it is not an exception to the world’s famous beer festival ‘Oktoberfest’ which takes place in Munich, Germany every year in September-October, has been cancelled for this year. Alas, this brings bad news for many beer lovers and beer travellers, who specially travel to Munich to quench their thirst from beer taps at the fest. Though we can’t get the mood of the beer festival this year, we can definitely throw some light on the beer travellers. Yes, travellers who travel for beer only! “People travel for different reasons but I always remain in the search of craft breweries, in search of different kind of beers and share my experiences with the people. I always do a well research and prepare an itinerary to taste local beers. Beer is a reason to travel; it makes one close to the culture and people of the place, and is turned out to be souvenirs too. I share beer reviews with pictures from different countries on my Instagram handle – Beerslogue, about taste, percentage of alcohol, look and texture of the beer, and the response of the people has been tremendous who really get influenced to travel all for the beers!,” shares Manoj from Beerslogue, a beer review Instagram page.

Like wine tours, this interest for beers has given birth to the new term ‘beercations’, vacations with beer. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world – it’s never too difficult to buy a pint or a can. Germany and Belgium of course are the most popular places where beer lovers flock. Munich is the primary place to be for beer travellers which not only organizes the biggest beer festival, it boasts of beer gardens, long tables of pubs. With over 200 small and large breweries, Belgium offers a huge variety of beers. Even in small towns of the country like Bruges, one can find exciting breweries and bars. Interesting to know is Prague is also famous for beers, which proudly boasts the largest consumption of beers per capita in the world at 142 litres per person, per year. It also organizes many beer festivals and it has facilities of beer spa too. London is another beer lover’s paradise, which has some classy breweries and pubs. Similarly Australia offers variety of options to explore its breweries.

Being a beer traveller, it is not just pleasures of tasting different kind of beers but a matter of learning and gaining knowledge also on how the beer is made, about hopping, fermentation, etc. So if you have a passion for beer, don’t just finish it off with two bottles at the bar near your home. Pack your bags and explore the world where wide array of beer experiences welcome you! Get ready to hope on beer travelling!

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