A Spiritual Journey to a New Way of Being

When we feel low in life, depressed or lost in life, we often approach our friends, family to divert ourselves. However more than this, travel is the remedy if we believe and a spiritual journey is the real medicine to find you’re a new version of yourself.

Imagine yourself in the city of Lord Krishna in Mathura and Vrindavan, hearing chants of ‘Radhe Radhe’ from all the corners, coordinating with the sounds of bells, hymns and close to experience the beliefs of the pilgrims the way they dance to the hymns of Lord Krishna. This is the power of a spiritual journey which connects you to your inner soul and keeps all your worries and sadness far away.

Another such beautiful journey of temples, ashrams, meditation and Ganga river is to Rishikesh, where mostly travellers seek enlightenment and spirituality. Experience an evening Ganga aarti performed at the banks of the river or a morning one hour meditation hearing the flow of the river, is the path to spirituality which one can’t find in the humdrums of a metro life.

And who doesn’t know about the most beautiful spiritual journey to the Sikh pilgrimage Sri Hemkunt Sahib, situated in the lap of Himalayas at the height of 15000 ft. A walking journey to seek the blessings of the Almighty surrounding the beautiful landscapes is truly a spiritual bliss. Chanting ‘Waheguru Waheguru’ and travel up to the Gurudwara, this journey gives strength, courage, faith and peace to the travellers.

Travel is a passion, an art to discover but when you need an extra attention to yourself at a certain point of life, when you are in a search of something more than just a holiday, a spiritual journey is the way out. Faith, spirituality means different to different people, some find it in the mountains, and some find it in a temple. It is all up to you with what emotions, feelings you travel and observe the surroundings. So, you also seek a spiritual journey and travel in the search of faith, peace in your life; get ready for some emotions, some unexpected turns into your life and come back with the new version of yourself.