10 Cool Things to do in South Africa

Many of you must have watched Deepika Padukone, Saif Ali Khan and Diana Penty starrer ‘Cocktail’ movie which mesmerised the audience with its exotic locales of Cape Town, South Africa. Isn’t? Be it stunning beaches, mountains or wildlife – South Africa has it all to entice any discerning traveller. Here we have enlisted 10 cool things to do when in South Africa.

 1. Go for Safari – The first thing which comes to mind when planning a trip to South Africa is Safari. The prime reason for which a traveller plans a trip to South Africa. It is home to hundreds of national parks and tons of wildlife species. The most famous one is Kruger National park, which has diversity of wildlife including ‘Big Five’ (lions, leopards, elephants, rhinoceroses and Cape buffalo).

  2. Experience the lively Cape Town – Boasts of bars, nightlife, authentic food, good weather, Table mountain, hiking experiences and stunning beaches, one cannot miss Cape Town when plan a trip to South Africa.  Spot the Penguins, shopping in the central city, sunset views from Lion’s head, hiking tours to Table Mountain, are some of the must-do things when in Cape Town.

 3. Visit to Robben Island – This place located about four miles off the coast of Cape Town, Robben Island was a prison until 1996. Nelson Mandela spent 18 years behind the bars of this prison. The prison is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. Take a walking tour to the prisoners. One can spot Mandela’s cell too here and a bus ride would take you to around to the prisoners’ graveyard.

 4. Spot African Penguins – A short drive from Cape Town, the Boulders Penguin Colony is home to several thousand African penguins. But they have become endangered species due to human impacts like pollution and habitat destruction. So one can’t exactly go close to them but can watch them from nearby platforms. There is a visitor centre which will take you close to them and you can have a good photography of these African Penguins.

 5. Road Trips in South Africa – Seen in many movies, South Africa is known for road trips. When in South Africa, one should experience road trips. The most famous one is Garden route, which takes one along coastal cliffs and through forests and mountain ranges. It is all about beaches, lakes and lagoons. If you are an adventure seeker, you can stop at Bloukrans Bridge which is the highest bridge in Africa and one can try out Bungee Jumping here. There are more routes which cover wildlife, national parks too.

 6. Whale Watching – South Africa is popularly known for whale watching. If you are visiting somewhere between June and November, you will definitely spot them. The town of Hermanus, located 120km southeast of Cape Town, is the base for many of the best whale-watching companies in the country.

 7. Scuba Diving – Another fun and memorable experience with waters is scuba diving. If you love to dive, head to Cape Town. Here you will find rocky shores and lots of reefs. To explore the wrecks, head to Port Elizabeth, this is between Durban and Cape Town. It is a great area to dive with sharks.

 8. Wine tasting – Wine tasting in South Africa! Yes it is right. Due to its climate, South Africa is grape grown country and has a huge variety of award-winning red, white and sparkling wines. The wine industry dates back to 17th century and there are many wineries one can found.  In the Cape Winelands region, one can found more than 150 wineries. One can go for wine tour when in South Africa.

 9. Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve – A photogenic place one should visit and it is the third largest canyon in the world. There are numerous national rock formations one can found. There are several hiking trails as well as mountain biking, and white-water rafting.

 10. Hiking Drakensberg Mountains – The Drakensberg region is home to the highest mountain range in Africa, boasting of green peaks, sandstone cliffs, and deep valleys. There are plenty of options for walks and hikes.

These are some of the exciting experiences which one should try and which urge you to plan a trip to South Africa. For any details on packages, trails, safaris, please contact GTK Travels. We are happy to assist you as South Africa is one of the travel destinations which one should not miss.