Some Common Myths about Travelling

“Believe in making travel memories, not in Travel Myths”…. Travel is about experiences, opinions, beliefs, observations and memories. The more you travel and more you meet people who travel; you come across different opinions which if you experience the same, it becomes a belief for you and if you don’t, it turns out a myth. So worry not, don’t think anything and simply travel and explore.

However, still there are few myths which exist when it comes to travelling –

1. A very common myth is ‘Travel is too expensive’. You must have heard – “I can’t afford travelling” or “It’s too expensive to plan a travel”. However, this is not the case now as there are very apps for good cheap travel options, accommodation options, and flight best prices. Pre booking options and reasonable packages like we at GTK Travel offer, is something which proofs this notion wrong that travel is expensive.

2. Another very common notion is “Street food can make you sick”. Food is the soul of any travel trip. If you don’t relish the local and authentic cuisine of the place you are travelling; what have you experienced? It’s just you need to be cautious a bit; judge yourself if the food and surroundings are fine. It hardly harms such way.

3. “English is the only language spoken” – is another myth. Well this is not the case. Though English is spoken majorly especially you travel, hand gestures and a good smile is the perfect way to communicate. Then Google translate is another option which can help you.

4. “Travel insurance is not required” – a myth. No travel insurance, no travel. This is for your safety, to keep you safe in any mishappening take place. So, not for domestic but for international, it is must. Even for your visa purpose, it is one of the important documents required.

5. For women, travelling solo is not safe – what kind of myth is this in this 21st century? Travelling for a solo woman is safe a lot and now there are many stories shared by women who travel solo and this inspire and motivate other women to plan a travel alone. You need to be smart, active and always alert for what kind of people communicating with you; at what kind of place you are.

6. Raise hands if you prefer overnight journeys! Many prefer, we believe. But there is a myth that overnight buses or trains are the worst, which is not the case at all. Such overnight travel saves your time of travelling and these days the quality and comfort of both buses and trains is so perfect which wakes you up fresh in the morning at your destination.

So, overheard these myths and plan your travel as and how you want. As we said in the beginning, make travel memories, not myths. For any travel bookings, packages, stay options, contact GTK Travels.