Travel is not merely travel; it comes with priorities and preferences depending from traveller to traveller. Some are ready to move travellers; some like carrying homes with them. For some a small luggage is enough; while some carry an extra empty luggage to bring the shopping stuff upon return. And this leads to a major differentiation between the travellers – backpackers and glampackers. Let us throw some light on it.

Backpackers, we all are aware, can carry a big bag on their back with minimal stuff and mostly head to camps or hikes. While glampackers are the one who are obsessed with shopping during the trips and fill their bags, have different attire for every schedule of the itinerary. And these days, what is more famous with the glampackers is INSTAGRAM, to carry more than enough dresses, make ups, matching shoes, and the list goes on, so that their photoshoots during trips come out well to be posted on social media handles with a nice travel background.

Looking further, the purpose of both kinds of travellers also differs. Backpackers usually travel for the life experiences, local experiences and believe in budget travelling. While, glampackers seem more on a recreational break carrying fashion and luxury along with them – be it a stay or travel. Backpacker can live in a camp or a budget hotel and can travel in local transportation. They can eat anywhere, prefer local cuisine; while glammers look out for authentic restaurants with a wide buffet.

For souvenirs, backpackers prefer to dig something out of real experiences like maybe some stone from the river; while glampackers plan travel with all the list what gifts they have to buy and for whom and they hunt for souvenirs shops for the same.

So, what kind of traveller you are? Whether you are a backpacker or a glampacker, there is no right or wrong way of travelling. So, feel free to explore the world the way you wish to. Have your own unique travel style, and don’t forget to have fun!