5 Hacks for A Solo Traveller

One, who travels alone, can start today; but the one who travels with someone must wait until the other is ready. Therefore one should try ‘Solo Travelling’ atleast once to not only discover the destination but self too. While family holidaying has its own advantages; solo travelling has been gaining acceptance largely. You can plan your trip as per our convenience, you can alter the itinerary as you want, you get a chance to meet new people who might become your lifetime friends and of course, it is a complete fun of your own. Here we will guide you major 5 hacks which every solo traveller should follow –


1. Trust your guts

To travel alone, one should have guts that “you can do it”. You should have confidence in yourself; intuitions should be strong. This will surely protect you. If you feel something is not right, trust your feeling and you must be correct. If you don’t feel safe, be out of that place.

2. Proper planning

Being travelling alone, one should be pre planned with bookings for flights, local travel and accommodations to avoid any kind of troubles and to face them alone. And always share one copy of your travel documents with your family and friends, in case if you lost any.

3. Carry essentials

Portable charger, medical kits are some of the key essentials which a solo traveller should carry. Your phone should not be out of battery as you are travelling alone. And same goes for a medical kit as you have to take care of yourself. Then selfie stick is not a bad idea, when no companion is there to clock your pictures. After all, to how many random people you will ask to click your beautiful shots? And needless to say, carry enough money/cards .

4. Thorough research and be updated

Before travelling, one should conduct a thorough research about the place to be travelled – what to do or not; where to visit and when; where to eat and shop; what to be avoided, etc. And for more satisfaction, you can always check with the hotel/hostel you are staying for some important guidelines. And don’t forget to carry business card of the hotel; if in case you lost somewhere; by visiting card one can help you with the way to return.

5. Pack less and keep it simple

You are travelling alone and no one will come to carry your extra luggage. You have to carry it all the way by you so why to trouble yourself with unnecessary extra packaging. Keep it light and simple, this is the best mantra to travel hassle-free.


I hope you find these solo travel hacks useful when getting ready for your trip. If you are planning your first solo trip, you are in for an incredible experience. Indeed!