Breaking the barriers and be her own! Women solo trips, which once questioned about safety and considered as taboo, has now becoming a trend with both safety and confidence. Yes, woman is brave enough to travel along and she can hit the road alone – be it trekking to the mountains, getting flow with the beaches or a quiet escapade to any resort or hotel. Yes, she can. “I always wanted to travel independently, to explore the world on my terms and conditions like a free bird and for this, I quitted my 10 years of job in the IT sector. This gave me more power and a new meaning in life when I planned a trip to Ladakh for 15 days,” shares Lakshmi Singh.

There are many such inspirational stories which can uplift the women solo travelling. Being a solo traveller has many advantages – move freely, live freely, eat freely, go and plan as per your wants and interests, no interventions, confidence building, making new friends and contacts, get more close to local people and culture, a lot… But the best part of being solo woman traveller is a sense of self-dependency, power to feminism, motivation for other women, breaking the gender biasness, and scripting your own story. And this can be a revenue source since there is a good number of female travel influences or bloggers than men. According to a statistics in a daily newspaper, 86 per cent of women believe that they are not afraid to travel regardless of what is going on in the world today and 73 per cent of women feel that travel has made them stronger and empowered.

Being a part of this positive flow, one has to be careful with certain aspects like a thorough research and well planned trip to avoid last minute hurdles being alone, picking the right destination, checking the crime rates of the places you travel, pre-bookings are always recommended and a sense of alertness throughout the travel is all what required by the solo woman traveller.

GTK Travels always encourage such inspirational trends in travelling and can help with all information required, if any lady planning a trip alone. So girls, be on the road and break the stereotypes! Yes, You can!!