Backpacking to Explore Japanese Culture

Be it nature, culture, shopping or food – Japan has it all for a traveller. There is a lot to explore when in Japan but one needs to be cautious with the pocket as it is not a cheap country. There are smart travel ways to explore Japan as backpack on a budget and experience the country reasonably. Backpacking in Japan is a truly fascinating experience.

To begin with, Tokyo should be the first stop to begin a backpacking journey in Japan. The city has lot to see and explore but it is equally expensive. So mind it! Tokyo is the place to try Sushi and Toyosu Fish market. Visit Asakusa, the ancient Buddhist temple. Its iconic red lantern and the charming Nakamise shopping street are enough to attract a tourist. Akihabara is the Electric Town of Tokyo where one can find a complete collection of comics, DVDs, detailed figurines, trading and playing cards, costumes and magazines. When in Japan, one always craves to explore Sumos, isn’t? Ryogōku is the capital of sumo culture in Tokyo. Then there are many more things to do in this vibrant city – explore parks and gardens; nightlife in Shibuya and drinks at Garden Gai, 360 degree view of the city from the Skytree Tower, and so on.

Moving on, Mount Fuji is Japan’s most iconic mountain and watching the sunrise from the top is on many backpackers’ bucket list. Situated at an altitude of 3776m, climbing to the mountain is one of the popular things to do when travelling to Japan. It is always suggested to climb in evening so that you reach by sunset and enjoy the panoramic views. There is a popular Japanese saying – ‘One who never climbs Mount Fuji is a fool; one who climbs it twice is twice the fool’. So go ahead and give it a shot! Japan is surprisingly a great place for winter sports. One of the most popular spots is the Japanese Alps. Hakuba is the place to be winter sports where the 1998 winter Olympic games were held too.

From mountains, move to temples, shrines castles and legends and it is nothing by Kyoto. One should stay here in Gion, the Geisha district; which is very colourful. Golden Pavilion is the place worth a visit in Kyoto – beautiful gardens set in the shadow of the impressive temple. There are hundreds of temples and shrines in Kyoto and you could spend a lifetime trying to visit them all. Then Osaka is another popular tourist destination, comes after Tokyo and Kyoto. It is also a lively city catering mainly to youngsters.

If you love to dig into history, Hiroshima is the place to be where the World War took place. There is peace memorial park where one can fine Atomic Bomb Dome – where the first atomic bomb hit. Similarly Nagasaki is the place to see museums about the bombing, peace memorial and peace parks. And for beach lovers, Okinawa Islands is the place meant to be. And then finally, food is something to die for in Japan. The variety is huge to be explored. It is a paradise for the food lovers.

So being a backpacker, one can easily explore the Japanese culture by planning and visiting these above listed places. So if you have plans to explore Japan, contact GTK Travels for some enticing itineraries. Surely this won’t disappoint you.