United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates

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United Arab Emirates E-Visa Indian


Immigration Department of UAE:

E-Visa Application Details:

1. Copy of the passport’s first and last page
2. Copy of the observation page or valid Visa in the passport (if any)
3. One passport size white background photographs
4. Covering letter on the letter head / visiting card of the applicant
5. Invitation letter and residence permit copy of the Inviting person (if applicable)


Visa Fee

Type of visa Rate in INR Remarks
30 days Tourist visa 6400 With-out OTB
90 days Single entry visa 15700 With-out OTB
90 days Multiple entry visa 37500 With-out OTB
OTB Charges Extra 700
Please Note:

1. OK TO BOARD Charges will be charged as per the Airlines
2. The visa fees are non-refundable in case of any cancellation
3. Immigration department is closed on Friday and have Skeleton staff on Saturday
4. It is Travel Agents responsibility that the applicant must return back within visa rules and regulations otherwise a high penalty is applicable and the agent has to pay the same