Destination Purpose of Travel Nationality
Cyprus Tourist Visa Indian


Tourist Visa Application Details:

1. Original passport with at least 6 months validity from the date of intended travel along with the original previous passport (if any)
2. Completely filled and signed visa application forms
3. Four latest passport size white background photographs with face close up (do not staple the photograph)
4. Covering letter on the company’s letter head stating name, passport number, designation and the purpose of travel dually signed by the applicant
5. Hotel confirmation on the letter head of hotel to be directly faxed to the Embassy (011-26111160) and a copy of the same has to be submitted along with the visa application
6. Original latest personal bank statement for the last 3 months and ITR of last three years
7. Return air ticket


If Self Employed / Business:

1. Relationship proof with the company (i.e. MOA if Director, Partnership deed if Partner and Proprietorship certificate if Proprietor)
2. Company’s latest bank statement for the last 3 months and ITR of last three years


If Employed / Service person:

1. No objection certificate from the current Employer for the duration of travel
2. Salary slip for the last three months / salary certificate from the Employer


If Student:

1. Leave sanction letter from the School / Institute, if closed then letter stating that
2. School / Institute ID card copy


Visa Fee Euro 20 equivalent in INR
  Euro 60 equivalent in INR
VFS Charges  INR 734/- in cash
Processing Time 10 – 12 working days
Please note :

1. If applicant has a valid, double and/or multiple entries Schengen visa on his/her passport, he/she can enter Cyprus without a visa
2. Ticket & Hotel should show departures after 10 days from the date of submission of the application
3. As per Republic of Cyprus, “ercan” (TYMBOU) is an illegally operating airport, situated in the occupied part of the Republic of Cyprus. The airport is non-existent under international law and practice and its potential use amounts to an illegal entry and exit from the Republic of Cyprus. Hence it is advised not to prepare an itinerary showing the aforesaid airport as ENTRY or EXIT port. The designated international airports of Cyprus are – Larnaca, Paphos and Nicosia airports