Destination Purpose of Travel Nationality
Australia Tourist Visa Indian


Tourist Visa Application Details:

1. Copies of front, back and all stamped (used) pages of the passport and it should be atleast six months valid from the date of intended travel and previous passport copies (if available)
2. Completely filled and signed visa application Form
3. Four passport size white background photographs with face close up
4. Covering letter from the applicant stating name, passport number and the purpose of travel
5. Latest original personal bank statement for the last 6 months dually signed and stamped by the bank
6. ITR of last three years (Minimum 2 year atleast)
7. Supporting Financial Documents such as Fixed Deposits, Property Investments, Other Investments etc. (Optional)
8. Hotel reservation voucher
9. Return air ticket
10. Day-wise Tour Itinerary of the entire travel and stay.
11. Aadhar card copy of the applicant
12. Proof of Covid-19 fully (double) vaccination certificate.


If Employed / Business

1. Relationship proof with the company (i.e. MOA if Director, Partnership deed if Partner and Proprietorship certificate if Proprietor)
2. GST Certificate of the company
3. Company’s latest Bank statement for the last 3 months and ITR of last three years
4. Company visiting card


If Employed / Service Person 

1. No objection certificate from the current Employer for the duration of travel
2. Salary slip for the last Six months / salary certificate from the Employer
3. Latest Salary bank statement for the last 6 months dually signed and stamped by the bank
4. Employee ID card


If Student

1. Leave sanction letter from the School / Institute, if closed then letter stating that
2. School / Institute ID card copy


If Retired

Proof of retirement like pension book, statement etc.


Visa Fee AUD 148 equivalent in INR through card
Service Charges INR 2500/- in cash
Processing Time 60-90 working days


Please note :

1. Travel Insurance for the applicants above 75 Years
2. For the minors (below the age of 18 years) need additional completely filled and signed forms 1257 and 1229
3. Medical is required for the applicants traveling for more than 90 days stay or if the age is above 75 years or if they are intended to visit any hospital or educational institute