Kindly please find here below the Mozambique entry requirement

– Passenger coming for Tourism can now get visas on arrival as long as they are eligible per TIMATIC. However, the passengers coming for touristic purposes should have confirmed hotel booking whereby the immigration officer can call the hotel and confirm if the hotel booking is actual. They should also be able to have enough currency to support themselves for their stay.
– Still, entry is subject to screening & Profiling of the Immigration personnel.
– Passengers must have confirmed return tickets.
– They need to have a negative PCR test which is 72 hours before departure.
– The 14 days mandatory self-quarantine has now been lifted.
– For Citizens (ONLY) PCR is required but if they come without a PCR test, they will do mandatory self-quarantine of 14 days.
– Children up to 11 years of age are exempted from presenting PCR results.
– All those coming in for work purpose still need to have
– Valid work Visa
– Valid DIRE/Residence