Stay Home, Travel Tomorrow

We have stepped into the month of April where we plan our summer vacations, chart out of the destinations, but unfortunately this time, nothing is happening as such. This time, April is altogether different for the travel sector. Summer is always a prime season for tourism but now it looks grim.

When the COVID-19 situation evolved, the industry which was adversely affected the most is the travel and tourism. The first step everywhere was taken to stop the travel so that the spread of the virus can be controlled. All the flights – be it domestic or international, are stopped; all the visas – tourist, e-visas are suspended. Travel agents, hoteliers, airlines received constantly cancellations. The impact is too adverse that if the Covid-19 cases decline, the recovery will still take few months to back to track, to rebuild the confidence to travel.

However, one needs to stay positive in the tough times and therefore we at GTK Travels, try our level best to maintain the positive scenario. We come up with virtual tours of different destinations for you on our social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram; which will not only bring a positive energy but help you to plan your future travel plans. Check out the packages, travel-related information, at

We know you all don’t want to stop your feet, waiting to say goodbye to Corona-virus so that you can come out of your homes and breathe the fresh air. Don’t lose hope. This shall too pass soon. STAY HOME, so that you can TRAVEL TOMORROW.