Back with ‘new normal’ way

The pandemic situation has come as a curse for everyone. Take the name of any industry and it is more or less affected by Covid-19 situation. And travel and tourism industry is not an exception to it. What can be a better example than the dead summer season of 2020 – a peak time of the year when most of the tourists plan their holidays? Planes were grounded, hotels were shut down and there was a fear of safety and hygiene which lost the confidence of the people to step of their homes for travel. The mall roads of hill stations which used to remain jam-packed during this season were completely empty.

However, as it has been said – Nothing is Permanent, so is the situation now. Lockdown started turning into unlock which came with a ray of hope for everyone. Gradually, airports welcome passengers, planes start touching the skies and hotels are leaving no stone unturned in welcoming their guests with all the safety measures to be ensured. And now we are getting the news of opening of international flights too.

So, things are coming back to track gradually which in turn has brought a sense of confidence among the travellers. Initially, this unlock witnessed an opportunity for the domestic tourism which will slowly move to international travelling also as many countries are opening doors for the tourists. So what are you waiting for? Being at home during lockdown must have urged a hidden traveller inside you to step out and discover the world. Be it the nature of Kerala, or the panoramic view of mountains from the hill stations; be it the relaxing beaches of Goa or the royalty of Rajasthan – this touristic spots are waiting for you to come back. Still confused where to head first post this Covid-19 situation? You can always approach GTK Travels for some enticing itineraries – the best deals, the best offers and the best experiences!

But one should plan their travel with all the safety measures. It is important to note, travelling is must and so the safety. After all, this is the ‘new normal’ !!