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Ready to go on an adventure? You could throw caution to the wind and hit the road without a plan. But, if you want to maximize your time and get the most out of your vacation, you should consult our experts to find the best getaways, secret trails, and can’t-miss eateries that only those who devote their lives to traveling the world can help you find.

There is nothing more exciting than a long weekend for a vacation. An extended weekend amid the daily busy life is a blessing. When combined with festivals, the long weekend gives the perfect opportunity for a perfect vacation. Once we enter into a new year, we keep flipping the pages of the Calendar to chalk out a plan.

Which experts can guide you to the sights you don’t want to miss, take you off the beaten path, and help you eat and play like a local ? GTK Travel blog. And, we’ve found some of the best of the best, who share their adventures and give you tips so you can travel like a pro. Our picks for the best travel blogs have something for everyone, from solo female travelers to active parents to photographers to family travelers to millennials. So, browse our travel blogs, pick those that resonate with your travel style or that inspire you to move beyond your comfort zone to go on an adventure, and then plan your next trip.