Travel Korea: It’s an influence of Korean lifestyle & cosmetics on Indians

Korean wave is influencing Indian young generation in a big way. The madness for K-pop songs (BTS, EXO) and Korean pop and music culture is seen among the youngsters. Korean food seems to be the new Chinese food, which is gaining popularity with many Korean food restaurants are mushrooming and Korean beauty products are always the charm. Korean beauty market is the second largest in the world and Innisfree is the first beauty brand which forayed into India. So much influenced by the Korean culture and if someone plans to travel the destination; there is a lot to know to fulfill your desires for “Korean Love”.

– To begin with, South Korea is home to the best skincare and makeup products. And Seoul is the shopping paradise. And you will find it interesting. Do you know how? You will find face powders in panda palettes, hand gels in gummy bears; all packed in cartoon characters and in bright colours. Very interesting, indeed! So it is difficult to ignore; such is the packaging of Korean beauty products.

– The sheet masks which we apply on our faces just for Rs 100 to get the instant glow; is the trend came from Korea. The wonders of snake slime ingredient in Korean beauty products; the popularity of BB and CC creams entice the women towards Korean beauty and cosmetics. The foray of Innisfree and then Face Shop in India; increases the demand for K-Beauty products.

– Then the influence of Korean music is very visible. Do you know, there are at least 100 accounts and pages of K-pop fans across Twitter and Facebook in India? The steaming of Korean movies and dramas on Netflix has given another reason to get influenced to the Korean lifestyle and culture.

– Moving on, beauty and music is not enough; when Indians seem to have taken liking for Korean flavours. There are numerous Korean restaurants which have seen a huge footfall of Indian people to try Korean food like ramen, Kimchi or Korean liquor Soju.

Such is the K-craze which has not only enticed the Indians here in the country but has compelled them to travel all the way to South Korea to experience and live it. So if you are a fan of BTS or want to try delicious Kimchi or to take home back a complete bag of Korean cosmetics; plan a travel and GTK Travels can help you with an attractive package (as attractive as Korean lifestyle)!!