India’s Food Trail –


India has variety in abundance when it comes to travel. This is the country where in every few kilometres, a new culture, language is born and so is the variety of cuisines and food. Travel and food are companions. Where the travel is; food is must. Be it the lip smacking vada pav of Maharashtra or tempting Hyderabadi Biryani; be it exploring the delicious thali of Gujarati cuisine or taste the richness of Rajasthani thali; food is something one is passionate about during travelling. So let’s take a sneak peek at India’s must try food trail…


1. Vada Pav charm of Mumbai

Let’s begin with “Aamchi Mumbai”. When it comes to travel to the city of dreams and the first thing comes to mind for food is the famous vada pav (potato balls filled in the Bun, served with green chutney). It is the famous street food which is hard to miss when in Mumbai. In addition, one can relish chaat at Choupati beach; explore 100-years-old Irani cafes, coastal and Udipi cuisines can be tried as well.


2. Go for Goan food

Goan vibes are not only limited to nightlife and booze; one can explore the variety of Goan delicacies. And this can begin with the staple food – Fish curry and rice. Seems mouth watering? Isn’t. Try and explore Goan food which has as many varieties as of beaches in Goa.


3. Hyderabad, the paradise of Biryani

From the kitchens of Nizam, Hyderabadi Biryani is world-famous. Being in Hyderabad, if you have not seen Char Minar and not tasted Hyderabadi Biryani, then what have you done actually? So, one can try out the delicious Biryani at the 60-years old eatery ‘Paradise’ whose main outlet is at Banjara Hills. Even they have outlet at the Hyderabad airport too. If you are on a short-haul trip, say a flight of 2-3 hours only, you can get it packed from the airport and bring back home with you.


4. Gigantic Gujarati Menu

Dhokla, Khakra, Fafra, Khandavi… all comes in mind when think about Gujarati food. Gujarat is a colourful state to be explored and so the charming food of the state is. It is the paradise for vegetarians specially. Have you ever tried Gujarati thali? Served in a silver huge plate with variety of as many vegetables and other varieties as you can count. Mostly ingredients in the Gujarati cuisine comprise of gram flour (besan) and yoghurt. Gordhan Thal in Ahmedabad is one of the popular ones to relish the Gujarati flavours.


5. Sumptuous Southern food

South gastronomic delights are simply for hungry soul. Starting from dosas, uttapams, vada, idli, Rassam and move on to Payassum, Mysore Pak and the list is endless. Be in Karnataka, Kerala or Tamil Nadu; the flavours full of coconut, rice are simply wow. If you are in Karanataka, must try and get some boxes back home of Mysore Pak (sweets made of desi ghee) and if in Kerala, definitely try Payasam which is the similar version of our Kheer. Then Banana chips from Kerala can be a souvenir; get as many packets as you want. And above all, to digest all this is the filter coffee, a must try.


6. Relish Royalness of Rajasthani cuisine

Rajasthan is known for its forts, palaces, culture, handicrafts and of course, mouth-watering delicacies. When in Rajasthan, the state definitely promises you the experience of lifetime with its variety of cuisines. To begin with Daal Baati churma – one of the iconic dishes of Rajasthan, move on to Gatte ki sabzi, Rajasthani Kadhi, laal maas, pyaaz kachori and for your sweet tooth is Ghevar. Must be feeling full with the names only!! But it will not only fill an empty stomach with its richness but will give you the taste of life.


7. Sarson ka saag and makki ki roti, Purely Punjab

Last but not the least is the Punjab delight. Really it is not least; not by food and not by people’s heart. It is simply “dil khol ke”. The charm of winters in Punjab is “sarson ka saag and makki ki roti” with white butter or lassi. This is not mandatory but a ritual to eat this! Apart from this iconic dish, one can try hands on non-veg, sweets section and many places have their own specialities but one thing for sure, eat whatever; you will find desi ghee in every dish which makes it even more full of flavour.


We have found some must try while on a journey in India but there is much more to be explored in India – Sweets of Bengal; Momos of Eastern states; Leethi choka in Bihar and some Kashmiri delicacies… the list is endless. So make a plan and relish the gastronomic delights of where you step into. Or after reading this, you can travel for food too!! If you need any assistance to plan travel and food information (best places to eat and what to eat), GTK Travels can help you. You are just a call away! After all, TO TRAVEL IS TO EAT.